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About this site

This site isn’t a blog; click on “Latest Work” at the top of the screen to see my most recent posted and published work, going back to 2008. The rest of the site offers selected columns, reviews, essays, and audio and video commentaries that are grouped in thematic sections listed here below. To open a section, click the heading. Write jimsleep@aol.com with any comments. If a pdf won’t open, msg me and I’ll try to send it as an attachment.

Looking For America

A Civic-Republican Primer

Liberal Education and Leadership Training

The News Media, the Public Sphere, and a Phantom Public

Leaders and Misleaders

Israel’s Tragedy, America’s Folly

New York Nonsense and Urbanities

Folly on the Left

Conservative Contradictions

Our Chattering Classes

Race: Why Skin Color Isn’t Culture or Politics

Scoops and other Revelations

The Obama Chronicles, 2008

Faith vs. Churches?